October: The Month of Media Witchery

witch_john_william_waterhouse_magic_circle_painting_casting_spellsAaaaand it’s October: that month when witches suddenly become a Very Important Presence (VIP) in media. Movies, TV, books, comics, games, cosplay-it seems every aspect of popular culture has gone through a witchcraft wave in recent years and lately it’s everywhere. This month I’ll be looking at witchcraft as a media trend that’s influencing everything from fashion to politics to social media.

After creating this blog in the spring (getting my own domain after deciding to leave Patheos), I immediately got very busy! But I’ve been brainstorming some features and columns and will begin posting regularly to give you the latest in witchy media & analysis. October 2017 will be full of excitement!

One new column debuting this month I am excited about is The Five Elements: a brief, focused interview feature with pagan writers, artists, musicians and other fascinating folks. First up: heathen author Jay T. Stratton whose book Pomona’s Lost Children: A Book of Uncommon Antique Fruits was released in late July. If you know someone who should be featured in this series feel free to get in touch!

I’ll also be reviving the weekly feature Tuesday Muse, News & Reviews, a round up of pagan-themed news items or releases. First up, musicians Sharon Knight and Winter, who I met and saw perform this past summer, will be featured.

I hope you’ll join the conversation and excitement, this month and beyond. Thank you for all your support.

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